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   Fast Facts

  Average price: $3,000

  General anesthesia

  Average duration: 2-3 hours

  Permanency: Lifelong


A Rhinoplasty, (Nose Job) is a Surgery procedure to reshape or reconstruct the nose. Rhinoplasty can enhance the appearance of the nose by adjusting the size, shape, length or other proportions of the nose. Surgery may also be an option to adjust the nose tip or nostril area.

Corrective Rhinoplasty can help restore functionality to the nasal area or reduce breathing problems related to nose injuries or nasal deformities, such as repairing a deviated septum.

The aim of a Rhinoplasty surgery varies according to the intended outcomes of the procedure and the patient’s aesthetic goals. The primary objective may be to improve nose proportions. For other patients, the objective is breathing related.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery can help change your nose shape and balance your facial anatomy. Rhinoplasty can straighten a crooked nose, reduce a visible nose hump or improve the angle between your nose and your upper lip.

Corrective Rhinoplasty may be required following a nose injury.

Types of Rhinoplasty procedures include Open Rhinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty Surgery, Ethnic Rhinoplasty & Revisional Rhinoplasty.

Incision placement for Rhinoplasty Surgery will vary depending on the procedure you require; an Open Rhinoplasty is most commonly performed and the scars are often barely noticeable for most patients.

A small incision is made across the central part of the base of the nose (the columella) for an Open Rhinoplasty. For a Closed Rhinoplasty, incisions are kept within the nostrils, but this approach has limitations.

The incision lines during a Rhinoplasty are usually quite small and inconspicuous, even without makeup.

Results vary and it is possible, however, that some patients’ scars may be somewhat more prominent.

Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon can recommend special scar minimisation strategies if required.


Am I a good candidate?

Rhinoplasty Surgery may be a good solution for achieving a more symmetrical,
proportionate or facially balanced appearance.

Rhinoplasty Surgery appeals to most individuals who are unhappy with the size, shape or overall appearance of their nose. If you are extremely self-conscious about
the appearance of your nose or your side profile, you may want to explore your
surgical options.

You may require Corrective Rhinoplasty techniques if you suffer from breathing problems, a deviated nasal septum, a collapsed nasal bridge or some forms of sleep
apnea (snoring).

To be considered a suitable candidate for Nose Surgery, you must have realistic expectations about what Rhinoplasty surgery can, and cannot, achieve. Whilst nose
surgery may improve the appearance of your nose when performed by a highly skilled Surgeon, surgery is unlikely to be life-changing. Revision requests are not



Before you decide on your Surgeon or proceed witH Nose Surgery, there are a few important questions to consider.

  • Is my preferred Surgeon a highly skilled, qualified & experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon?
  • Is my nose surgery going to be performed in a fully accredited Hospital?
  • Am I in good health and do I maintain a nutritionally healthy lifestyle?
  • Do I have realistic expectations about what nose surgery can actually achieve?
  • Am I choosing to have surgery for the right reasons and at the right time?
  • Am I able & willing to undergo an initial recovery period of approximately 4-6 weeks?
  • Do I have someone who can assist me during my recovery; and am I patient to wait until all the swelling goes down before I see my final results?


The length of your recovery period after nose surgery will depend on your anatomy, general health and the specifics of your procedure.

Recovery processes and healing time frames can also vary significantly from person to person. Your lifestyle and choices after surgery can impact your healing and results.

The general rule, however, is that you should allow at least 4-6 weeks for initial recovery following your surgery.

Scars can take time to fully mature, sometimes up to a year or more. Swelling may take an extended period of time to fully settle.

You need to be willing to follow the specific instructions given to you by your Surgeon, and attend all post-operative consultations.

Be sure you wear the surgery tapes & splint as instructed and take advantage of the Rapid Recovery products provided to assist you during your healing & recovery.

It is important to consult with your Surgeon before returning to daily activities such as driving, lifting and exercise.



Open Rhinoplasty

A common approach to altering the shape of the nose is the ‘Open Rhinoplasty’. In an Open Rhinoplasty procedure, a short incision is made across the central part of the base of the nose (the columella).

The skin of the nose is then elevated. The underlying cartilage and nasal bones can then be viewed and reshaped directly by your Specialist Plastic Surgeon.
During the procedure, your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will use a series of small,
highly specialised tools to carve and shape the underlying structures.

Closed Rhinoplasty

In some cases, a Rhinoplasty is performed through small incisions that are kept within each nostril.

This is often referred to as a ‘Closed Rhinoplasty’ approach. The advantage of a closed approach is that scars are typically concealed inside the nostrils. The disadvantage of this type of procedure is that your Surgeon is operating through a very tiny hole. This gives indirect and limited access to the complex structures inside the nose. Typically, an Open Rhinoplasty is the better option.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a form of cosmetic nose reshaping that is very specific to individuals with Asian and African heritage. It often requires a different approach than a generic Rhinoplasty.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery is unique in that it frequently involves nasal bridge augmentation (upper nose surgery). This helps enhance the nose contours around the eye area and upper cheek area.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedures must be done with the utmost care to achieve a natural-looking outcome that doesn’t impede on the function of the nasal area.

Revisional Rhinoplasty

Revisional nose surgery can range from the removal of residual excess bone or cartilage in the nasal bridge to more complex surgery. All Rhinoplasty procedures are highly complex, but Revision procedures are particularly challenging.

Some Revisional Surgery may involve an extremely complicated overhaul of the entire nose, potentially involving augmentation or complex reconstruction. Patients who may have experienced excess tissue removal in prior Surgeries may have been left with a deformity. Revision in these cases requires an extremely experienced Plastic Surgeon with precision skills and expertise in complex procedures.



Medications and General Anesthesia are administered for your comfort during your Surgical procedure.

An Open Rhinoplasty will require a small incision across the central part of the base of the nose (columella). This type of incision allows the entire skin over the nasal cartilage to be lifted up. This allows your Surgeon to access the underlying cartilage and nasal bones, which can then be surgically adjusted or reshaped.

A Closed Rhinoplasty requires small incisions within the nostrils, therefore resulting in no visible scarring. The Surgeon then completes the procedure through a small hole made inside the nose.

Because the nasal skin is not elevated or lifted, this typically means your Surgeon will have less ability to make precise changes. Hence, this type of nose surgery may not suit most patients.

After the incisions are created, your Surgeon strategically reshapes the inner bones of your nose, reducing or rearranging nasal cartilage as required to provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing nose appearance or improved function.

After your Plastic Surgeon adjusts the nose shape, size, tip, width or other aspects of your nasal structures, sutures are then used to close your incisions.


What kind of anesthesia is used?

What are the contraindications to surgery?
Some heart diseases and immune system problems.

Is it painful?
Since you will be under the effect of anesthesia, no.

In the event of rejection, what is the alternative solution?
Fat injections or fillers.

How long should I stay in Istanbul?
7-8 days.

How can I predict my result?
We will show you the possible result from a screen. The predictions are 80% correct.

Do the operations have a warranty?
They have and we do follow-ups for a year.

Who is completely rejected from surgery?
In some cases for instance if you have upper jaw problems you may get rejected.

What are the most important medications that must be stopped before the operation?
Blood thinners.

What are the completely unacceptable diseases?

What are the instructions before and after surgery?

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before the morning of your surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup, lotions, or perfume to surgery.
  • Do not wear fingernail polish to surgery.
  • Do not plan to drive yourself.
  • Do not take any medications without your doctor's advice.
  • Do not take vitamins or herbal tea.
  • Stop all blood thinner medications before a week.
  • Stop drinking green tea or alcohol and coffee before 3 days of operation.
  • Stop smoking 3 days before the operation.
  • Stop sexual relationship 2 days before the operation.
  • Keep on your medications from your doctor except we reject them.
  • Keep on drinking a lot of water.
  • Keep on wearing comfortable loose-fitting clothes: We recommend a button-up top and pull-on pants with easy-to-slip-on flats. Do not wear a shirt or other clothing that has to be pulled over your head.
  • Keep on making sure you have a close friend with you, it is generally better
  • Take a shower the night before the operation.


  • Do not do any excess exercises.
  • Do not swim for 2 months.
  • Do not do bodybuilding for 2 months.
  • Do not take a bath for a week.
  • Do not take a sauna or Turkish bath for 2 months.
  • Stop drinking alcohol for a week.
  • Stop smoking for a week.
  • Stop drinking coffee, herbal tea for a week.
  • Keep on following our instructions strictly and carefully.
  • Keep the wound sterilized for two or three weeks.
  • Keep your necessities close to you and not on the high shelves.

Is it possible to go for a steam, sauna, or a hot nasal steaming procedure after the operation?
No, you can after a month.

When can I wear eyeglasses or sunglasses after the operation?
3 months later.

When can I go swimming?
2 months later.

Can I practice martial arts or carry weights after the operation?
You can 3 months later.

Is it possible to do jogging after the operation?
It is 1 month later.

How long does the nosebleed continue after the operation?
For 2 weeks but it depends on the case.

When can a filler or Botox perform on the face after a Rhinoplasty?
1 year later.

I have a toothache after rhinoplasty and I want to see the dentist when is that possible?
A month later.

How long should I avoid exposing my nose to water?
For 2 weeks.

Can I prostrate after a nose job? Is it possible to inhale water during ablution?
You can only after 2 months.

Can I have a face massage after the operation?
Only after 6 months.

How many techniques do you have for rhinoplasty?
Four; simple, complicated, double complicated, and ethnic.

Can I do rhinoplasty at the same time with my sinus operation?

When can see the result of the operation?
After a year.

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