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   Fast Facts

  Average price: $5,500

 General anesthesia

  Average duration: 1 hour

  Permanency: 10+ years

Face and Neck Surgery is considered one of the most important and accurate cosmetic procedures for several reasons.

The tensile area is very accurate both medically and anatomically. It is a relatively long procedure, and it is considered the longest procedure in first-class plastic surgery. The facial area is a legal and mirror area of the person. The face and neck lift operations can be done together or separated for each area. But often they will be performed together for several reasons. For instance, variation of the area from the other in the event that one of them lifts and leaves the other. The anatomical overlap of the two regions together. Moreover, it is very important for the patient to avoid exposure to second anesthesia. Thus, it is better to conduct work with one anesthesia. A neck lift is a set of procedures to enhance the appearance of your neck. Often, neck contouring is part of a face-lift, but it can be done separately if you are happy with the appearance of your face. A facelift (also known as a rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess fat, tighten facial muscles, and stretch facial skin for a smoother, younger appearance. A facelift may take place on the face, the neck, or both.

  • You should be able to do your usual activities 48 hours after surgery.
  • You cannot do strenuous exercise or make an effort that may affect the surgery.
  • Adhere to wearing a special corset and use the medicines and creams prescribed by the doctor and provided in the hospital after the operation.
  • The medical corset must be worn for a period of not less than 4 weeks after the operation.


The recovery period of a neck lift will depend on the individual, as well as the extent of surgery. Typically, patients return to daily activities, and work, within 2 weeks after surgery. Expect your neck to feel tight for a few weeks, and know that bruising and swelling are normal. These effects should subside gradually, with visible bruising typically gone after the first week and that “tight” feeling remaining for up to several months. Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions for recovery and aftercare.

How are face and neck lifts done? In general, a face-lift involves elevating the skin and tightening the underlying tissues and muscles. Fat in the face and neck may be sculpted, removed, or redistributed. Facial skin is then re-draped over the newly repositioned contours of the face, excess skin is removed, and the wound is stitched or taped closed. A neck lift procedure is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

Your cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision behind each ear, and depending on your needs he may also make a third small incision underneath the chin. Through these incisions, the surgeon will tighten the neck muscles and/or underlying tissues and remove excess, sagging skin to restore a smoother, firmer, and more youthful appearance to the neck.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

What are the contraindications to surgery?
Heart disease, and people who cannot stop using blood thinners.

Is it painful?
Since you will be under the effect of anesthesia, no.

In the event of rejection, what are the alternative solutions?
In some cases, we can do mini facelifting, golden strings, or at least face injections.

How long should I stay in Istanbul?
9-10 days

How can I predict my result?
By your consultation.

Does the operation has a warranty?
Yes, and we have a follow-up procedure for a year by the quality department.

Who is completely rejected for surgery?
People who have HIV, skin diseases, heart, and blood diseases.

What are the most important medications that must be stopped before the operation?
Blood thinners.

What are the instructions before and after surgery?

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before the morning of your surgery.
  • Do not wear makeup, lotions, or perfume to surgery.
  • Do not wear fingernail polish to surgery.
  • Do not plan to drive yourself.
  • Do not take any medications without your doctor's advice.
  • Do not take vitamins or herbal tea.
  • Stop all blood thinner medications before a week.
  • Stop drinking green tea or alcohol and coffee before 3 days of operation.
  • Stop smoking 3 days before the operation.
  • Stop sexual relationship 2 days before the operation.
  • Keep on your medications from your doctor, except we reject them.
  • Keep on drinking a lot of water.
  • Keep on wearing comfortable loose-fitting clothes: We recommend a button-up top and pull-on pants with easy-to-slip-on flats. Do not wear a shirt or other clothing that has to be pulled over your head.
  • Keep on making sure you have a close friend with you, it is generally better
  • Take a shower the night before the operation.


  • Do not do any excess exercises.
  • Do not swim for 2 months.
  • Do not do bodybuilding for 2 months.
  • Do not take a bath for a week.
  • Do not take a sauna or Turkish bath for 2 months.
  • Stop drinking alcohol for a week.
  • Stop smoking for a week.
  • Stop drinking coffee, herbal tea for a week.
  • Keep on following our instructions strictly and carefully.
  • Keep on wearing the corset for 3 weeks to 3 months.
  • Keep the wound sterilized for two or three weeks.
  • Keep your necessities close to you and not on the high shelves.

What is the duration of wearing the corset?
You should wear the corset for at least 6 weeks but we recommend 3 months.

When can I put on makeup?
At least 48 hours later.

When can I speak comfortably?
3 months later.

What is the correct way to sleep?
Laying on the back for 3 weeks.

When can I wash my face with water?
After 24 hours.

When do the scars go away?
6 months to 2 years.

When will the results appear?
At least 3 months later but approximately 6 months.

How long should I avoid the sun?
For 3 months.

When can I prostrate?
3 weeks later.

What is the best age to have a facelift?
50 and above is the perfect age to have this operation.


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